Fun Luganda Singalongs & Games with Diana Lwanga

Luganda Nursery Rhymes – Mbuuke mbuuke? A little question and answer song that is sung while children are playing outside. It can be sung by mums and Dads while playing with their little ones. Enjoy

Baa baa Wandiga – Baa Baa Black sheep Luganda nursery rhymes

Weekly Fun Luganda Singalongs with Diana Lwanga

Mukwano Gwabato ~ Enjoy weekly famous Luganda games and Singalongs and learn a few things about what life is or was like growing up in Buganda, with Diana Lwanga, the Voice Actor for “Maama Nankya” in the The Adventures of Nkoza and Nankya TV Series ~

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Diana Lwanga, Maama Nankya Voice Actor

We look forward to taking you with us on this exciting journey of celebrating Ugandan and African Culture, Languages and Folk Tales.

Maama Nankya played by Diana Lwanga ~ the loving and caring mother of our main characters, Nkoza and Nankya. We are so grateful to Diana for working so hard to channel the challenging role of Maama Nankya. Diana’s love for music and her dedication to teaching kids Luganda, is a great asset to the development of this character. Thanks again Diana for your awesome commitment and professional voice acting.

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So.much inspirés, beautiful work Diana.

Thank you Namuli mukwano

Quite interesting stuff. Please get in touch with me. I have some interesting ideas for you. Keep up the good work.


Thank you so much 🙂

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