Episode 1 ~ Nkoza & Nankya

A heartfelt Thank You and a warm welcome to all the new Fans and friends of the Adventures of Nkoza and Nankya TV Series ~ Episode 1 of the Adventures of Nkoza and Nankya is coming your way soon. We look forward to putting a smile on many a kid’s face.

We will be posting Mini Episodes to our Official Youtube Channel: Don’t forget to Subscribe at this link: https://www.youtube.com/user/NkozaandNankya

Your support is greatly appreciated. If you are able to make a small Donation and help us to keep this adventure going, visit this link: http://www.gofundme.com/51f1eg

Rendering in Progress for Episode 1, we have made a lot of progress. A scene of Maama Nankya reading one of Nankya’s favorite bedtime stories.


Say hello to the 3D version of Maama Nankya, storyteller extraordinaire ~ we are busy cooking up something for you!! Thanks for all the Support


Nkoza deep in the village, visiting Grandpa Muzeeyi Mukulu and learning how to make his own toys from scrap


Preparing Grandpa Muzeeyi Mukulu for new episodes


Nankya is always full of questions ~ Giving a call to Grandpapa


Old Truck for Grandpa’s Workshop (Completed)


Grandfather, Mzeeyi Mukulu


Sneak Peek at Episode 1 of the Adventures of Nkoza and Nankya ~ a Ugandan, African Education through Entertainment animated series for children ~ a great tool for your kids to learn Ugandan Languages and Culture, History and Geography, as well as Wildlife, and exploring the challenges of living in Rural and Urban East Africa, Boarding school and many more… visit us on facebook and like our page at: https://www.facebook.com/ASeedForNkozaAndNankyaTVSeries

Slum Setting


Market Setting


Village Setting Coming together



Facial Animation Progress



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This is such an inspiration my friend. All the way from Kenya thank you for making this leap and setting the standards.

Thanks Leon, I appreciate the kind words and support 🙂 Africa Oyeee!!

impatiently waiting

lol!! Thanks for the support Johnson. We are hard at work, doing our best to make it happen 🙂 You won’t be disappointed.

Reserve my place of work, am on the next plane back man. Weldone , this is great work.

lol! Thanks for the kind words Lyton 🙂

Hope this will set an example that people should think outside the box and be more creative to make TV more interesting.

We are waiting eagerly – eyes glued on WBS TV

Thank you. We hope so as well. Thanks for the support.

Hi what date will this programme be aired, enquiring minds all the way from the UK want to know, thanks x Esther

Thanks so much Esther for visiting and checking in on the progress. I have sent you an email. A happy new year to you and all those in the UK 🙂

Thank you for taking up the mantle. We await more info

Much appreciation for the kind words Jide. Happy New Year! More details to follow on the launch.

If you are able, kindly assist us by making a contribution to the production of this TV series, with a Donation at this Link: http://www.gofundme.com/51f1eg

This looks like it will be absolutely amazing. I love the character design. If you are in need of any technical support then send me a message. Good stuff!!

Thanks so much Jason. A happy new year to you 🙂

Today local tv tomorrow international box office. This is where the vision is hopefully going cause we need pixar to be ringing your phone asking you to tell the children our story. Please keep me posted when you launch internationally.

Thank you Amanda, will definitly keep you posted. That is an awesome vision 🙂

This looks fantastic NkozaNkanya Team. it will be an inspiration for the entire African Diaspora. As our people say, ‘Until the lion learns to tell his own story, tales of the hunt will always glorify the hunter’. Thanks for showing us all how o be lions – hunters beware!

lol!!! Thanks Olu, looks like the Lion has indeed learnt to tell his own story. We look forward to many lions and lionesses joining this pride 🙂

hey , i wanna leardn 3D animation from you, right now i can sketch cartoon characters but i can even make a model in 3Dmax or bonzai or cinema 4D. i would want to learn from you. i love your work. get back to me pliz at mu32ian@gmail.com

Ian, thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to share you thoughts. I will be creating some tutorials once I get a breather, hopefully that will help you and others.

I have tried to follow your work and you are one of the people that has encouraged me to work hard in TV…
i am waiting for this piece and i wish i would get a chance to see it..
GOOD worrk guys!

Thanks so much Willis, much appreciation for your support 🙂

I really cant wait for this. This is just great. Hoping to go back in time of our childhood days.

Thank you Erisa for the support 🙂 we are working hard to make that happen 🙂

i love it.amazing creativity n wow where can i get more of this content

Thank you Joshua 🙂 we will update you on the progress

[…] animation Test, trying to convince Nankya.. ~ No Audio Yet, Voice actors working hard on this one ~ http://www.nkozaandnankya.com/episode… ~ Visit us on facebook at: […]

[…] animation Test, trying to convince Nankya.. ~ No Audio Yet, Voice actors working hard on this one ~ http://www.nkozaandnankya.com/episode… ~ Visit us on facebook at: […]

[…] start on the journey to the Art of Film Making ~ don’t miss it ~ Nkoza and Nankya TV Series ~ http://www.nkozaandnankya.com/episode-1-nkoza-nankya/ ~ I will be adding more videos to this page as the production […]

Nankya is such a smart gal does she do tongue twisters? I want to challenge her.

Definitely 🙂

This is really great work and inspiration.
Keep going guys. Your renders just leave me speechless.. It’s really cool.

Thank you Abaasi 🙂

Wel done Solomon. Man i closely follow your works and so far so amazing. Also having a dream 2 be an animator but currently doing graphics and video editing on private basis and with Vision group/Urban Television

Thanks Bruce, keep at it bro, and never give up on your dream 🙂

This work hs inspired me so much, very nice job done here

we are glad to hear that Deo and thanks for your support 🙂

hi am a 24 year old kenyan venturing into aniamtion ,really love your work just wanted to ask what render engine do you use and how long it takes per frame …t

Hi Peter, thanks for stopping by ~ Octane is what we render with, average render time is between 30 seconds and 2 minutes for the more dense scenes. Take a look at this video for some insight: http://www.sowl.com/2015/05/speed-up-your-renders-in-maya-with-octane-renderer-tutorial/

hi i’m also an animator from Ghana and i love your animation…wow its soo beautiful.keep it up bro…truly african

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